Burning The Oppressor Share “Martyrize” Video

Canadian death metal quintet Burning The Oppressor have released new single “Martyrize,” the second track taken from their upcoming album Damnation, out October 29 via Candlelight Records.

The powerful song tackles the issue of domestic abuse.

“‘Martyrize’ was written, a few years ago, in a surge of anger and incomprehension after news broke out of abuse suffered by a seven-year-old girl at the hands of her father and stepmother in the eastern townships, Quebec,” the band says. “The circumstances of her death sent a shockwave through Canada and authorities ordered a public inquiry to shed light on how child protective services could have failed so miserably, in this particular case, even though they were apprised of the situation well before her death.”

The band continues, “During the last year, the number of cases of infanticide and feminicide have also, unfortunately, been on the rise — no doubt emphasized by the current pandemic. Reports of domestic violence have skyrocketed in the past year-and-a-half, and we felt it was important for us to try and bring attention to these tragic situations without romanticizing the suffering of their victims.”