Nolan Potter Shares “Music Is Dead”

Today, Nolan Potter shares a music video for the title track off his latest LP, Music Is Dead (released September 24 via Castle Face).

From director Taylor Browne: “Castleface Records presents Nolan Potter’s Music Is Dead, a moral tale of greed and the loss of innocence. This stop motion video was directed by an exceptionally sleep deprived Taylor Browne in the vein of Terry Gilliam & Jan Svankmajer. The animation was created entirely by hand using illuminated manuscripts from the British Museum and vintage magazines found at Half Price Books. Additional Production & Camera Work was supplied by the illustrious Nick Tanner, Kasey Maloney, & Julie Wierd. Filmed entirely on location inside The Grimorium of The Eye. No members of Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band were harmed in the making of this video.”