Dream Phases Share New Single “Don’t Forget Love”

L.A. neo-psych group Dream Phases share today “Don’t Forget Love,” the second single off their forthcoming sophomore album, New Distractions.

On the video, the band said: “The inception for the video began when our friend Spooky, who runs the LA art performance space Non Plus Ultra, called us to say he had inherited some set pieces from an old Mac Miller shoot and that we should use them to make a new video. We came up with an idea to recreate an old 70’s late night talk show, ala the Johnny Cash show, Dick Cavett, Playboy After Dark, complete with a host, an actress, friends sipping cocktails, and the band performance space. We built the set and painted the platform pieces colors from the New Distractions album cover. The video was shot all in one night and edited over the following weeks. It captures something of a combination between those old late night shows and public access tv, and was super fun to make.”