SahBabii Reveals ‘Do It For Demon’ Album Details

Today, Atlanta rapper SahBabii returns to share “Teacher” and to announce the release date of his new album Do it for Demon, due out October 27th. Do It For Demon, is a cathartic, deeply personal album dedicated to SahBabii’s deceased right-hand man, “Demon.” Recorded in solitude over the course of a year from his home studio in Atlanta, the album takes listeners through the full spectrum of emotions felt by Sah since Demon’s untimely death. The agony of depression, relatable to so many people who have recently struggled with loss, and the full spectrum of the emotional journey that comes with it, make Do It For Demon SahBabii’s most personal and important music to date.

The project opens with “Divine Order (Freestyle),” a heart wrenching self-reflection about the pain of losing a lifelong friend. But, there are also uplifting moments, channeling inspiration for the future, in “Believe It” and “Step In The Name of Love”, as well as occasional glimpses of overcoming the sorrow in “Boofalay” and “Jody Kurosaki”. Throughout the project, SahBabii’s expressions of pain are heard in tracks such as “Today Might Be The Day” and soul-searching songs like “Rewind”, reflect Sah’s introspection, and a longing for the past. Most notably, is the tangible feeling of SahBabii’s grief and his darkest considerations while recording alone, in “Bad Thoughts Mixed With Weed” and “Scared of Myself”.