New Record Label Santa Barbara Records Releases Debut Album

Santa Barbara Records, a new record label based in Santa Barbara, CA, have released their debut album, CaliAmericana. This full-length compilation features two songs from each artist signed to the label – one original, and one California-themed cover.

“You can draw a pretty neat triangle between Bakersfield, the home of California’s version of country-western music, Laurel Canyon, California’s folk music center, and Santa Barbara,” said the label’s General Manager Billy O’Connell. “That’s right where Santa Barbara sits – in that overlap between two iconic locations – an overlay of ranch lands, canyons, and the ocean.”

This unique album is a compilation of eight newly signed artists in the root of Americana music intertwined with California-influenced artists. The eight artists that encapsulate the label’s vision are: Jessie Payo, Danny McGaw, Hannah Siglin, Omar Velasco, Mendeleyev, Tina Schlieske, Erland Wanberg, and Hana Aluna.

“At Santa Barbara Records, our artists represent the diverse influences and inclusive ideals of Americana music while speaking from an authentic and original perspective,” said Tariqh Akoni, Director of A&R and Santa Barbara native. “The music we’re putting out roots us in that ephemeral magic that is central California. It’s Americana through a Santa Barbara lens.”