Ava Rowland Releases Latest Single “Ghost”

Rising country singer/songwriter Ava Rowland lingers in lost love with the release of her latest single, “Ghost.” The tune walks listeners through the familiar feeling of holding onto memories from the past, not knowing what it will take to let them go. We often get caught up in the “what ifs” and “could’ve been” thoughts that trace our footsteps like ghosts. Ava appeals to deep emotion and pulls on the heartstrings through her incredibly crafted lyrics and beautiful voice.

“How many of you think about your past and the mistakes you made in life? Do you struggle with forgiving yourself for making those mistakes? I bet you’re answering yes to these questions,” shares Ava. “My single Ghost was written about this exact thing. We dig up our past and wonder what our lives would’ve been like if things had turned out differently. Our thoughts can be like ghosts haunting us…so many ghosts. I hope this song touches you when you listen to it as much as it touched me while I was writing it.”