Mick Jenkins Shares New Single “Scottie Pippen”

Today, Mick Jenkins shares a new song “Scottie Pippen” from his upcoming third studio album Elephant in the Room due October 29th via Cinematic Music Group. The new song is a low tempo jazz-driven track that sees Mick gliding with poetic verses and vocal riffs over the instrumental. “Scottie Pippen” marks the album’s third single, following “Contacts” and its accompanying Ren-directed visual and the Monte Booker-produced single “Truffles” released this summer.

To succinctly describe the core themes of the new track, Mick Jenkins says “No matter how great the work is, it goes under appreciated.”

Speaking about the new project, Mick Jenkins said that Elephant in the Room is an attempt to address various unspoken personal and general truths and how they have affected him and those around him. “From my estranged relationship with my father to friendships that don’t feel the same anymore to the even more basic idea of acknowledging that I need help. We become accustomed to allowing none progressive qualities and truths to occupy so much space in our lives simply by ignoring them, or ignoring them despite them being right in our faces! I intend to face several of those dormant issues/topics head-ons in the hopes that others can, at the very least, identify with the spaces I’ve grown from.”