SUSS Release ‘Night Suite’ Out Today

SUSS–the NYC-based quartet of Pat Irwin, Bob Holmes, Gary Leib, and Jonathan Gregg–today announced the surprise-release of Night Suite, a new EP representing a drive through the night on U.S. Route 66, the flat stretch of road between Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Los Angeles—the Purple Heart Highway. Alongside the announcement, SUSS shared a music video for “Gallup, NM”.

After the release of their latest album Promise (2020), SUSS longed for a change of scenery; an escape; a trip into an uncharted landscape. As the fathers (or: architects) of the ambient-country sound, the band built the five tracks of Night Suite with their unique combination of classic Americana instrumentation: pedal steel, National guitar, harmonica, and fiddle, interwoven with loops and synthesizers.

Days after these tracks were completed, SUSS lost original member, synthesizer player, and filmmaker Gary Leib. This loss added a new, personal resonance to the music that Leib had such a large role in creating.

The release of Night Suite on Northern Spy Records represents the first part of a multi-release schedule SUSS has planned over the next 12 months that point the band toward new horizons.