Yullola Releases Her Debut Album ‘Priestess’

Today singer-songwriter and producer Yullola has released her debut album Priestess on D36. Expanding on the dystopian pop sound that soundtracked the existential explorations of her well-received debut EP’s XOskeleton (2019) and Kiss Tha Future (2020), released under her original artist identity Jasper Lotti, this year she reemerged as the entity Yullola for her debut album Priestess.

Written, composed, conceptualized, directed and produced independently, Priestess, marks a more expansive and esoteric shift, pushing the New York-based artist’s focus towards a more fantastical direction. Bringing together her vast knowledge of anime, ancient Japanese and Hindu mythology, and her keen interest in cosmology; she samples star sonification data from the Chandra X-ray telescope on the record and explores Black Holes, using her science background, trying to make sense of the human experience through music, one that mirrors her own relationship to music and society at large.

On Priestess she writes from the perspective of an alien pop priestess, trapped in a black hole who uses her powers for good. The story of Priestess is a musical one of creation, coping with change, and the process of trying to understand the world around you when your worldview is always shaded with a preternatural sense of alienation due to the contemporary human experience. Taken together, the songs are lighthearted satire that push us to question why it’s so hard to relate to one another and to get back to a sort of childlike appreciation for pure love, one that upholds the beauty and empowerment of dark-natured and divine feminine spirits.