Pretty Awkward Share “HANG OUT”

Today, Pretty Awkward share two live video performances of their newest single, “HANG OUT,” each of which with their own particular style and quirks.

The first, “HANG OUT (Live In Studio),” finds the band at EarWig Studio in Seattle, Washington, performing the single in all its glory. The second, “HANG OUT (Stripped Red Room Session),” exhibits not only a performance of a stripped version of the track, but a homage to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks via EarWig’s own Red Room.

On the sessions, frontman Austin Held said: “‘HANG OUT’ is easily one of the most fun songs to play. We’re always stoked to see how audiences react to this song in a live setting. After having not been able to play shows or tour much this last year and a half due to the pandemic, it feels like the song has taken on a whole new identity. With three of us living in the PNW and one living in SoCal, it’s awesome when we can get into a room together and play ‘HANG OUT’ for just ourselves. Naturally, we jumped at the idea of getting into a beautiful studio in Seattle to film a live performance of the tune and we love how it turned out!

Speaking on the stripped version, he continued: “Traditionally, when a band has a stripped version of a song, it mostly means an acoustic or sort of Kumbaya version of whatever song they’re playing. We wanted to take it up a notch and do our best to represent our songs as closely as we could to their true form. ‘HANG OUT’ is one of our favorite songs to play and in this alternate medium we feel it takes on a different vibe. We were able to get into an amazing recording studio in Seattle called, Earwig Studios and upon visiting for the first time, we were enamored with a room that they have that has a very cool “win Peaks vibe to it and decided it would be the perfect spot to film a couple of songs with a 360 camera. We always love finding new ways to be creative with our songs and especially finding ways to it in new environments.”