CMAT Shares New Video For “No More Virgos”

Hot on the heels from announcing her debut album, CMAT today shares a video for her new single “No More Virgos.” On the pulsing track the Dublin cowgirl showcases her songwriting prowess and lyrical ingenuity – marrying, as she puts it, “my love of 80’s Italo disco with my hatred of Virgos.” The new short is everything you’d want from a CMAT video: outrageously fun, teeming with personality, fantastic outfits – all amidst a modern tale of dancefloor romance.

On the video CMAT says, “I wrote ‘No More Virgos’ about what happens in 10 minutes in a nightclub and when I talked with director Eilis Doherty we decided to try and make the video just like that – except set in a Texan-themed nightclub in 1980s Ireland, of course! Big thanks to all of the amazing extras and the angels – Viola, Lavender and Maura Darragh – who danced the day away in the name of taking a stand against Virgos. Lov u all xx”