Infinite Coles Shares New Song “Round”

NYC-based singer, actor, model, dancer and artist Infinite Coles shares the second offering from his upcoming debut EP Destiny, due out November 17th on London-based label Don’t Sleep/[PIAS]. Titled “Round,” this new single sees the young singer tackling his inner demons, asking his conscience to help him to escape the emotional loop of desire. Produced and written with multi-instrumentalist Bryndon Cook a.k.a. Starchild, this latest single is another triumphant display of an artist finding the courage to share his intimate vulnerabilities with the world.

Destiny, which has a dual meaning for Infinite, named the EP after his late twin sister. The project is centered around Infinite’s reclamation of his individual destiny and the manifestation of his late sister’s soul that lives within him and has inspired the unique artist we see emerge with this project. Colored with a complex familial history that includes being the heir to one of hip-hop’s most revolutionary musical acts, Infinite arrives signaling his readiness to carve out his own musical journey.

Infinite Coles upcoming live dates:
November 17th – Ludlow House – New York City
November 22nd – 180 The Strand – London
November 25 2th – Stone Nest – London