Wolftooth Reveal Second Single “Broken Sword”

Richmond, Indiana’s Wolftooth recently announced the upcoming release of their colossal new Napalm Records debut, Blood & Iron, dropping December 3, 2021. Offering an immense slab of proto-metal influenced heaviness with a deep dose of doom essence and addictive stoner riffage, the album travels through a treasure trove of fantasy-themed lyrical influences – exploring mystical and often treacherous themes of mythology, lore and legend with a focus on sorcery, battle and non-stop adventure!

Following up on the release of their first single “The Voyage”, the band has revealed a second single, entitled “Broken Sword”, alongside another new music video. The thrash-injected track gallops towards soaring guitar melodies and an addictive chorus as the story’s hero lays waste to all in his path.

“The song “Broken Sword” is about a young boy that escapes his village being ransacked and burnt to the ground, with most of the villagers being killed or taken into slavery. The boy journeys on a vision quest to heal his broken spirit. 20 years later, after much training both physically and mentally, he returns to take revenge for his ancestors. The broken sword symbolizes his broken spirit, and the blood on the sword symbolizes the freedom of his people,” the band says about the new single.