Aminé Releases New Project ‘TWOPOINTFIVE’

Today, Portland-born rapper Aminé releases his new project TWOPOINTFIVE. The twelve-track release opens with an intro from Rickey Thompson and like its lead single “Charmander,” the video for which was lauded by GQ as the “Most Menswear-y Music Video of 2021” for its incredible styling and featured by Pitchfork as one of the best music videos of October 2021, TWOPOINTFIVE finds Aminé using the project to explore new sonic territory.

“The POINTFIVE projects are the breaks in between albums where I give myself the freedom to make music without expectations, focusing instead of spontaneity and the best of what comes from stream of conscious creation, which is why they arrive unexpectedly without a long rollout. It’s an opportunity to create for my day one fans the way I used to in my bedroom. Thanks for listening,” Aminé says of the project.