Jess Chalker Releases Stunning Debut Album ‘Hemispheres’

Jess Chalker releases her stunning debut solo full length album Hemispheres today via her own imprint 528 Records. The album features several singles that hit HypeMachine charts including “Stupid Trick,” whose charming video references 1956 French film The Red Balloon, Charlie Chaplin and Before Sunrise and is currently #6 on HypeM; “Don’t Fight It” which charted at #1 on HypeM and was named to The Guardian’s list of “Best New Australian Music”; “West Hollywood” which was named to Spotify’s Global Fresh Finds and Pop Hits playlists; alt-pop gem “Cynical”; and “Dance in the Rain” which was inspired by the dark but simultaneously joyful mood of Shakespeare Sister’s ‘80s classic, “Stay,” features a gorgeous stop motion video and also went to #1 on HypeM.

“Working on this album was my safe place to go in a dark time,” notes Jess. “I was far from home when the pandemic hit and needed a distraction from that, as well as what has felt like an endless and, at times, soul crushing road of fertility treatments. 2020 was a pretty forgettable year for everyone, but it definitely made me change my outlook a lot and focus on what was most important.”