Awaken Release Their Single “Fall/Break/Rise”

Awaken releases their new single “Fall/Break/Rise”. Awaken is an Alternative/Hard Rock band that presents an in-your-face experience. Music that builds a resounding measure so complete it leaves their listeners hungry for more. Every single release from their album, Monsters & Machines, showcases the intensity-driven sound and development of their energy as a force in the music world. Their powerful melodies mixed with hard-hitting guitar riffs and thought-provoking lyrical material continues to strike with “Fall/Break/Rise”.

“Our single, ‘Fall/ Break/ Rise’ from our album Monsters & Machines is a story of redemption. It is about a person who has hit rock bottom and come to what they feel is their end… only to be found in a new light. It follows the process of what it is to be human and fail time and time again, right before we come to our breaking point. It can end up being the exact moment that makes us new… to live again for a better purpose,” says Chad Griffin of Awaken.