Tusse Releases New Track “This Is Our Christmas Song”

Tusse releases his new song “This is Our Christmas Song,” written by Tusse in collaboration with Kerstin Ljungström and Louise Lennartsson from Estraden today via Universal Music Sweden/Republic Records.

“‘This is our Christmas Song’ is dedicated to all those who are lonely on Christmas. Sometimes we forget what the real importance behind Christmas is and instead focus on stressing about Christmas presents, decorations, whether Santa will come, etc. For me, Christmas has always been about showing how much you appreciate your family and loved ones by getting together, eating amazing food, and celebrating the love you share. My traditional Christmas always has had a lot of Christmas presents and the Christmas tree has been decorated in the living room. Every year we have endured the long wait for Santa Claus; however, through the years I have understood that this is not the case for everyone. Many people are lonely in the world, and it’s a feeling that can get worse during this time of the year as Christmas is very focused on the value of community. We wanted to write a song about this feeling and to those who have no one to celebrate Christmas with and to those who even though they have people around them, still feel lonely,” says Tusse on the song.