Frank Dukes Releases Debut Mixtape ‘The Way of Ging’

After helping shape the sound of modern pop music over the last decade through his work with Camila Cabello, Drake, Frank Ocean, Post Malone, SZA, Rihanna, The Weeknd and more, Adam Feeney, a.k.a. Frank Dukes, is finally releasing music under his own producer moniker for the first time in the form of a beat tape called The Way of Ging, which finds the producer pulling sounds from outside of the sonic palette for which he’s made a name to make an idiosyncratic mixtape for fans. The entire mixtape was written and produced by Feeney himself.

Frank Dukes’ words on creating The Way of Ging: “The Way of Ging is simply a homage to the tradition of the beat tape. Something that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve had many musical explorations throughout my 20 year career. I’ve worked with the biggest and the best. In this moment I find myself back in a place that feels much like deja vu. The place where it all started for me. Creation for creation’s sake. Pure joy.  All art and music by Frank Dukes.”