Hiatus Kaiyote Shares New Video For “And We Go Gentle”

Today, Hiatus Kaiyote shares a new video for the song “And We Go Gentle.” Directed by frequent Hiatus Kaiyote collaborator Jeremy Koren, a.k.a Grey Ghost (“Get Sun” and “Canopic Jar”), the visuals see Hiatus Kaiyote’s iridescent moth character riding around town in their mini-Jeep, stumbling into a light fixture store and the local bar before finding a hidden, candle-lit room with a gorgeous lamp centerpiece.

Nai Palm shares about the concept behind the video, “‘And We Go Gentle’ is a song about why moths are attracted to light. For the video, I wanted to reference the Japanese film style of tokusatsu in celebration of Mothra (an angel moth that can defeat Godzilla). I made the costume myself out of aquarium plants and old tabi boots. The video is a search for love but from a quirky humorous perspective. On the morning of the shoot, there was an earthquake, which added to the mystery and epic-ness of the shoot. It was such a dream to work with director Grey Ghost again. He is such a creative champion.”

Director Jeremy Koren a.k.a Grey Ghost adds, “The concept for ‘And We Go Gentle’ was very much Nai’s vision, she had the whole story mapped out in her head and as soon as she explained it to me I loved it. The main thing I knew was that we had to shoot it on 16mm film to give it that realness and that nostalgic edge. I wanted to be a fly on the wall in her moth world.”

“And We Go Gentle” is a track from the group’s recently released album Mood Valiant.