Dessiderium Release Title Track For New Album ‘Aria’

Melodic Death-Prog trailblazer Dessiderium has released the second single from their upcoming studio album. Clocking in at over 14 minutes, the constantly shape-shifting new song is the title track of their The Artisan Era debut, Aria.

The brainchild of Southern California native Alex Haddad, Dessiderium started out as a passion project for the multi-faceted artist, with the band’s first two albums (Life Was A Blur and Rain Gates) being recorded and produced in his bedroom. However, the band’s third LP, ‘Shadow Burn’, would establish it as a legitimate force within the underground metal scene – highlighting elements of melodic arrangements, hyper-aggressive death instrumentals, and emotionally vulnerable lyrical themes.

Aria will see a December 10th, 2021 release via The Artisan Era.