Julia Daigle Shares “Nanette”

On the heels of releasing her debut solo album, Un singe sur l’épaule, Montreal-based artist Julia Daigle (co-founder of Paupière) shares a music video for her track, “Nanette.”

“‘Nanette’ is an excursion in a haunted landscape, an externalized emotional labyrinth where a lone figure – in an endless loop – replays her own private torment. In this liminal space between night and day, a strange country both wild and familiar, she wanders around, looking for a sign, a key of some sort. It’s the uncharted territory of the heart in exile,” says Daigle of the new track and video.

She note that the song was “freely inspired by L’Étoile (The Star), Major Arcana XVII of the Tarot de Marseille, and the works of Henry Corbin.”