Saya Shares Single “Death Of Me”

Toronto’s resident alternative popstar Saya returns with “Death of Me,” the second single off her upcoming EP Ready To Burn, due out next year.

“Death of Me” is an intoxicating Billie Eilish-esque sultry dark dancefloor anthem with a simmering alt-pop flow. This second single picks up right where her last single “SICK” left off, setting the foundation for the theme of the EP. The track is about unresolved attraction and lingering tension after a breakup, resulting in a powerful, sultry, pulsing dark pop banger that showcases Saya’s knack for writing infectious hooks. The samples and beats come together to create this sensation of spiralling, which perfectly complement the lyrics about a breakup. Layered over pulsing beats and pristine electro-pop production, Saya’s addictive lyrics explore the emotions of frustration, vulnerability, pain, and desire.

After parting ways with a major label, music became a challenge for Saya, feeling discouraged and uninspired. After a year of trial and error, taking time to herself, finding a new producer (Damian Birdsey), and teaming up with long-time friend/writing partner Alexandra Soumalias, the lead single “Sick” was created and her love for creating was reignited.