Jon Stancer Details New EP, ‘In Light Of’

Today, Toronto-based alt-pop/rock songwriter Jon Stancer announces In Light Of, his new EP, will be out on January 21st, 2022. The album’s lead track, the tense and moody, “These Arms (Won’t Let You Go),” features a dynamic instrumental makeup of lulling piano and ambient textures contrasted with rugged beats and richly emotive harmonies. Stancer’s vocals are tender and nostalgic, pining for the loss of his children’s innocence years as they grow into independent young adults. “I did for you, all I can do,” he sings. “You’ll figure it out.” “The song is the 2nd track Stancer has shared from the forthcoming EP. It follows “This Cannot Wait (Until Tomorrow),” a “poignant plea to act fast on climate change,” which was released along with a very startling and provocative video, back in August.

The past two years have been unsettling for all of us – but for Stancer, the darkness hit particularly close to home – “I personally felt very out of sorts and I could see that others were too. I was privy to breakdowns. A couple of people I knew took their own lives,” he shares. Stancer has channeled his internal dialogue and reflections on the ever-evolving human condition, into this new, 6-song collection, which delves into the emotional fallout of living in these perilous and trying times. Mental illness, marital strife, and general disillusionment are all touched upon here, as is the brooding impacts of climate change, and the confusion and chaos of the January 6th attack on the US Capitol. Stancer writes as the observer-empath, chronicling the carnage and struggles with beautiful tracks that sparkle with artful electronic textures, engaging Brit-pop hooks, conjuring feelings of longing, desperation, fear, and hope. “The subject matter isn’t rosy, but I think it’s pretty relatable,” Stancer comments. “I wanted to try to convey how I was feeling; what I was sensing and observing during that time, among those near to me and beyond.”