Kramer Shares “The Rain”

Today, Kramer shares “The Rain,” the second single off his forthcoming LP, And the Wind Blew It All Away, due December 3 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. This record will be Kramer’s first solo LP of completely original material since 1998’s Songs From The Pink Death.

“‘The Rain’ is based upon a dream I had in which i walked a cobblestone street in Amsterdam under a light November rain with someone i knew i’d never see again. I wondered if she wanted me to touch her, as the guilt of never having tried, was killing me. I showed her my right hand, and my five fingers, hoping she might show me how to wipe the guilt away,” Kramer said about the track.

“She pulled her arms away, and said, ‘I don’t need any more complications right now.'”

“Yes, I’m fairly confident that it was just a dream.”

“A terrifying wind is coming. I recorded this LP as I wondered, through sound and song, if I’ll ever collaborate on making music with another artist by my side again, or live to see another New Year’s Eve, or ever hear my daughter’s voice again, or ever Love again. Time will darken it. It always does,” he continued on the LP itself.

“Do I really want to be the last man standing, in a wind like this one?”