Llusion Presents Buffet Mixtape Today

Southern California artist and producer LLusion presents his new mixtape Buffet.

On Buffet Llusion wants the world to know: “I wear this project like a badge of honor. Going into it, I didn’t want to make it super serious. I wanted to keep it light and fun. Due to that, I didn’t expect it to have as much of an impact on me as it does. But here we are, almost 2 years from start to finish, for a body of work that I never would’ve thought would turn out as great as it did. I’m proud of Buffet. I’m proud of my wife & creative partner who put her blood sweat & tears into handcrafting each cover art, as well as supporting me mentally throughout the journey. I hope everyone who listens, can take away at least one emotion. Whether it’s joy, sadness, inspiration, etc.

But then again, anytime you leave a buffet, you’re guaranteed one thing. You’re fed.”

The eight-track project illuminates the dynamic scope of his signature sound, stirring together lofi, alternative, pop, rock, and electronic into a masterfully multi-layered vision. The lead single “Some Type of Way” [feat. Savage Ga$p, Salina Killa, & Valentine] comingles ethereal guitar with a head-nodding beat before the trifecta of Savage Ga$p, Salina Killa, and Valentine lock into a vibrant vocal volley. It all culminates with a massive chorus from Valentine uplifted by LLusion’s inimitable production. Stay tuned for the premiere of the music video soon. Among other highlights, he also linked up with hyperpop phenomenon CMTEN, Mike Baretz, and Ben Beal for the emotionally charged finale “Come Undone.”