Set The Sun Release Electronic Remix of Debut Single “Invisible” feat. Ryan Clark

American-Canadian Alt-Metal outfit Set The Sun have dropped an electronic remix of their debut single “Invisible”, which features guest vocals from Ryan Clark of Demon Hunter. The song is accompanied by a new music video, and boasts new vocals from Ryan that were not heard on the original version.

“We’ve always been huge fans of Linkin Park, and really loved their ‘Reanimation’ album. They were able to bring out a whole new side to each song and wanted to do the same with Invisible. We had a lot of Ryan’s vocals and other melodic parts of the song that weren’t front and center in the original track, including some clean vocals from Ryan,” drummer Eris comments.  “So we built a new version of the song around those parts, taking it into a more electronic, moody world. And we love how it turned out because it feels like a whole new track. I think you’ll be seeing more remixes like this from our future releases.”