VRSTY Drop New Song “Soul”

New York City-based collective VRSTY (pronounced “Varsity”) — Joey Varela [vocals], Javy Dorrejo [bass], Chris Cody [drums], and Paul Gregory [guitar] — have shared the new song “Soul.” And it’s another banger that blends different styles and hopscotches across genres and results in a completely fresh style all its own. The song track, well, plenty of “Soul.”

“I love this song so much,” comments Varela. “It’s funny because this song was written way before the idea of a record was a thing and even before Spinefarm came along. This song came from a dream I had where I sold my soul to the devil and I heard the song playing in my head as I was dreaming.”

He continues, “I woke up and wrote it, and it ended up becoming my favorite thing ever. It was also the first song I shared when I started putting together the record and it was the one everybody instantly fell in love with. In a weird way it’s like this song is its own person and it sucks everyone in.”

The song will appear on VRSTY’s new album Welcome Home, out January 21 via Spinefarm.