Corey Feldman Releases Unseen Music Video from 1986

In support of the release of his upcoming Love Left 2.1 Box Set Corey Feldman has released an unseen music video for his song “Runaway” from 1986. Restored from the original VHS tape, this is the first song Feldman wrote and recorded when he was just 15 years old. The video was filmed in his father’s tiny one bedroom apartment in North Hollywood, CA during the time he was filming The Lost Boys.

“I felt this was a pivotal piece to include for my most dedicated fans, as it is my very first attempt at a music video and the first song I ever wrote and recorded,” said Feldman. “Sadly, it also features two men who would soon become my abusers. I’m not thrilled about promoting them as a trickledown effect of releasing this, but I feel it’s as poignant as it is unsettling, upon the realization that this was an obvious cry for help from my 15-year-old self that sadly fell on deaf ears. Two months later I would fall victim to their agenda, and as a result fled my home and began the journey towards healing, albeit with several expected bumps along the road of salvation.”