Hien Shares ‘Bloom’ EP

Electronic pop artist Hien shares Bloom, her first release as an independent artist. The EP is breathtakingly beautiful and truly infused with so much passion, emotion, and meaning, as it captures Hien’s creative journey of rebuilding her identity and navigating life as a millennial Southeast Asian immigrant, who moved from Europe to the US for a new beginning. Praised by Glide for her talent for “mixing ethereal vocals and lush textures,” Hien’s vocals are emotive and ethereal, with her pristine electro-pop production elevating the narratives pushed through in the songs.

On the first track, “Family” an electropop homage to Hien’s Vietnamese ancestors, dance-ready beats provide the foundation for Hien’s lyricism. On the track, she says, “My family and most of the Vietnamese accept as a fact that our family members who passed on before us continue to live in another realm. Just like almost every house in Vietnam, we also have an altar to commune with them. Since I moved from home, I don’t have access to our altars as often as I used to, so I started my own small rituals to make more time to pray to my grandparents and my ancestors. I can feel their protection, their presence and the power they passed on to me.”

The second song, “Bloom,” the lead single is an airy, ethereal, and angelic ode to the magic and power that young girls have, shared alongside a cinematographically stunning music video featuring children from Vietnam’s indigenous matriarchal Mnong tribe.

The last track, “Slow” is a slow burning electronic ballad, about falling back into the arms of a past lover. “‘Slow,” she says, “tells a story about a romantic affair that we keep going back to. However, for me it’s also about the challenges of approaching life with passion. I think a lot of times when our actions are driven by only our passions, we focus on ‘what can this thing/situation/person give to me?’ I’m learning that passion without true love and devotion won’t carry me through and I want to become better at recognizing the signs in my life when I need to take things slow.”