Announcing the launch of The Belafonte Family Foundation

Announcing the launch of The Belafonte Family Foundation (BFF), an innovative tri-generational approach to creating access and equality across racial, gender and economic lines, offering progressive programming and resources for disenfranchised youth, with a demand for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

With a legacy steeped in decades of civil rights activism started by BFF’s Chairman Emeritus, artist/humanitarian Harry Belafonte, The Belafonte Family Foundation is creating programs that enlighten, fight prejudice, and foster peace both in the world and within oneself. To help steer people away from the misconception that nothing can be done.

BFF Executive Director & Co-Founder, David Belafonte, is an Emmy Award-winning, Grammy-nominated producer, and served as vice-president and executive director of Belafonte Enterprises for two decades. During his thirty-five+ years working with his father across entertainment and socio-political platforms, crossing many different industries and disciplines throughout the world, his family has known and worked with business, entertainment and civic leaders ranging from former US presidents, mayors, Labor Union leaders, entertainment and sports celebrities, and business executives.

“We are at that point in the proverbial movie where all sides have to collaborate in order to defeat a larger threat… Our initiatives must transcend politics and drill into team play and cooperation in the interest of human survival. With that driver, we proudly launch the Belafonte Family Foundation.” – David Belafonte, Executive Director/Co-Founder

As a family having spent a lifetime serving others, the foundation’s approach to philanthropy creates multiple pillars in areas that are critical to a young person’s development and success. Pillars that are diverse but not unrelated, paying it forward for generations to come.

“The diversity that comes with our multi-generational approach is to me the secret sauce; while we learn from, and acknowledge what our elders went through, we need to truly listen to and involve our youngest generation, invoking their insight to the most current dialogues and their acute, contemporary ability to investigate. This approach is invaluable when fostering inclusiveness, and creating access through our educational, social justice, mental health and arts programming. It allows us to level the imbalanced playing field much faster.” – Malena Belafonte, Co-Founder & Trustee

BFF is focused on Education, Health & Wellness, Entrepreneurship, The Performing Arts, Human Rights, Sustainability and Climate Change, developing inventive ways to deliver access, self-worth, and opportunity. The foundation will launch with its vertical farming initiative Bright Road Farms, with the intent to combat food deserts, educate and create financial independence for at-risk youth, in tandem with a mental health program based upon culinary therapy.

“The lion’s share of my adult life has been committed to fighting against global social injustice and in favor of the world’s disenfranchised, but that world is ever-evolving and increasingly complex. As time forges on, these challenges and many others painfully continue and can only be overcome through persistent, wide-ranging efforts that will have to span generations. It is in this spirit that I express my joy and endorsement of The Belafonte Family Foundation and its mission. I am proud that my son David has chosen to honor and see this legacy perpetuated, and I invite and encourage you to join us in advocating for a better world.” –