Robin Grant And The Standard Spread Christmas Cheer with ‘It’s Christmas, Darling’

Robin Grant And The Standard deliver the perfect stocking stuffer just in time for the holidays with It’s Christmas, Darling.

Emerging from the great pandemic, Grant and company deliver a must have holiday EP that won’t have you rolling your eyes and wishing for more spiked eggnog (not that there’s anything wrong with eggnog).

The five-song album mixes original Christmas season themed songs with a couple of classics.

As someone who shies away from holiday music and holiday episodes of TV shows because – quite honestly they tend to make me roll my eyes and are the outcome almost always predictable. As someone who has some oddball Christmas albums in my collection (including a Billy Idol Christmas album where he sings all the classics – true to their original form), as much as I love Robin Grant I rolled my eyes wondering what to expect.

Sorry to disappoint everyone, but I actually dug this EP. As Grinch-like when I hear Christmas songs these days, my heart grew a couple of sizes listening to It’s Christmas, Darling. And no, Dr. Puri, I don’t need an appointment with my favorite cardiologist. The two originals are the ones that stood out to me. I’ve heard the others so may times and so many ways my ears bleed and The Standard aces covering them, but it’s nice to hear something new for a holiday so steeping in generational history. “Tinsel”, one of two originals along with the title track is an upbeat Christmas song with a jazzy flow and Grant sounds at home and more comfortable singing her originals than Christmas standards like “White Christmas”. It is nice to hear her put her voice and being true to the original without being a flat out cover.

Grant’s version of “Gracious Good Shepherd” is more soulful and powerful than Vanessa Williams’ version – not that you can really compare the two. Grant’s version is a little more deliberate than Williams, whose original comes off breezy and smooth. Despite being the same song comparing the two interpretations is like comparing apples to oranges.

What really stands out on the album is the mix. Grant isn’t carrying the band on the album. It is a team effort as everyone involved has a measured part in the mix. Keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion all pay a pivotal role in making up each and every song. Indeed, it’s a team effort as it should be as they deliver this wanted Christmas gift to fans and those that love vocal perfection in this well-rounded album. It’s a much better Christmas gift instead of grandma’s fruitcake.

Still sassy but a little more subdued performing holiday standards Robin Grant And The Standard deliver a well balanced Christmas album adding songs that deserve to become Christmas standards one day as well.

 – Dave Weinthal