Nathan James Releases New Single “Akasha”

Nathan James releases a sexy & fierce nu metal rock song “Akasha” on December 9th inspired by the movie Queen of the Damned. Justin Bieber’s drummer “Stixx Taylor” plays the drums on the single.

A girl Nathan was dating at the time visited him from Florida and told him about the movie and how she couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen it yet. The ironic twist is that Nathan was already in the middle of writing a “vampire queen” themed song that he had played for her and this is what lead her to mention Queen of the Damned. Later that day, the two watched the movie and Nathan fell in love with the story. He then got the inspiration he needed to finish the song and name it “Akasha,” after the queen vampire in the movie. Both the song and the music video represent elements from the movie.

“Akasha” will be receiving strong support from Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music once it is released on December 9th.