Kristeen Young Shares “Life Kills”

Today, KRISTEENYOUNG shares a brand new single entitled “Life Kills.”

“Life Kills” is the first song and single from the upcoming KRISTEENYOUNG album, The Beauty Shop (due March 2022 via The Record Label). The Beauty Shop is a song cycle based on the life of a serial killer, with each song taking on one major emotion. But, really, it’s about how life can kill our emotions and asserts that everyone is part victim/part perpetrator. “Life Kills” is based on the emotion of rage. Young wrote, arranged, produced, co-mixed and played almost every instrument on the album, as well as designed and made the album art and visuals (including clothing). And “Life Kills” is no exception. Young wrote, arranged, produced and co-mixed (co-mixer was Tony Visconti) “Life Kills.” She played every instrument except guitar which was played by renowned avant-guitarist, Don DeVore (Collapsing Scenery). The bass was played by legendary producer/bassist, Tony Visconti. The song eschews genre but features her signature dissonant piano bashing, operatic vocals, tribal beats, and incisive lyrics.

Young shot and edited the video herself, and designed/made all props and wardrobe. Most of the video was shot at location, Renditions (beauty salon) on Highway 66 in St. Louis, Missouri in October 2021. Some footage was also shot at Magic Touch Auto Spa in Lodi, New Jersey.