Purple Witch Of Culver Release 6th Single “Dustin”

Loss is universal. We often forget that until we’re truly commiserating with another’s shared experience.

In Purple Witch of Culver’s ‘Dustin’ the LA-Based Art-Indie duo explore the aftermath of despair: the searching for meaning, the grasps for hope, and the celebration of those who we once had in the flesh. Taylor delivers statements such as “we miss your presence and the mind that made us cry”, hinting at the well of mutually enjoyed wit and an intellect that dries up when a cherished personality is lost. Safaie delivers an almost guided meditation with lines like “In desiring to become you begin to begin again.” Having delved into the world of near death experiences recently, Safaie’s lyrics are an abstract portrayal of what it might feel like to be guided through a post-physical life transition. Through haunting chord changes Taylor delivers a weeping guitar solo channeling the likes of Funkadelic’s ‘Maggot Brain’.

The track eventually erupts into what might be compared to the joyous backdrop of a 1980’s local mall superimposed with Safaie’s artful saxophone fugue and Taylors thunderous drum fills and stacked synths. Even in the midst of tragedy and despair, there is always a thread of hope and we want people to feel that energy. There is always room to start anew, even and especially after having hit rock bottom. During these times which can feel particularly bleak, people can reflect on progress and remember that there can be hope at the end of a significant struggle. “Dustin” was released on Loantaka Records today.