Blonde Diamond Share “Red Flags”

The long awaited dawn of a new chapter for Blonde Diamond has begun with the release of their new single “Red Flags,” out now. Today, the band share the single’s accompanying horror-inspired music video, which was directed by Brandon William Fletcher.

“Red Flags is the ease of which we ignore the blaring warning sounds around us, here represented as slasshic horror movie tropes,” said Fletcher. “Borrowed visual shorthand from familiar titles like the original Halloween and Nightmare on Elm Street set up typical boo-scares that this team leaves us hanging. We wanted to build a sense tension for three and a half minutes, similar to that uncomfortable warning deep inside that we continuously ignore when we’re doing something bad for us. A whole video of edging that never quite comes to completion.”

Lead singer Alexis Young continued, “For this music video, we wanted to find a way to subliminally convey the emotional and physical toll of abuse as an ominous presence lurking from the shadows. In the push/pull of tension-building moments, we never reach the climax due to the ignorance of our main character.”