Korean Producer 250 Announces Debut Album

Today, Korean producer 250 announces his upcoming debut album ppong, due in early 2022 via Beasts and Natives Alike (BANA). Along with the announcement, 250 also shares the project’s first single and an accompanying video “Bang Bus.”

His new album, ppong, aims to recapture the nostalgic feeling and memories from the producer’s childhood and certain sentiments that are also found in “ppong” music. “Ppong-jjak” is a genre of Korean instrumentation that was popular between the 1930’s and 1970’s consisting of club and dance music influences. The style of music was eventually pushed out of Korea’s mainstream and cultural forefront but has ironically remained a key influence in Korean music history despite being unrecognized as such. It’s said to have been created as a means of solace for vulnerable generations that suffered through war, division of their country and separation from their family members, and was the source of inspiration for ‘ppong’ being a dance music album with a certain sorrow feel to it.

It’s a song created out of different elements often found in the early Korean dance music called ‘ppong’ – basic fast drums with some upbeat slap bass, simple synth on loop, and nostalgic chords… Some of these sound sources are so outdated I’ve never used them before. They sound terrible when separate but when I put them together, I got that ppong-jjak sound I was looking for. There are musical elements and combinations that are just timeless,” 250 sais of the origin on the new single.