Kramer Shares “Falling Skies”

Today, Kramer shares his brand new LP, And the Wind Blew It All Away, out now via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings. This record is Kramer’s first solo LP of completely original material since 1998’s Songs From The Pink Death.

Alongside the record’s release comes its focus track, “Falling Skies,” with an accompanying music video. Kramer wrote of the single, saying:

“Love is the furnace into which all things are dropped. this is the song that sparked the first ecstatic embers of this LP.

John Cassavetes said, ‘People need Love but they don’t know how to find it, and if they do somehow manage
to find it, they don’t know how to keep it.’

I have kept every Love I have ever had, down to the very last trickling flames. I still have them here with me. Imagine a world in which this was true for everyone. Imagine. just Imagine.”