Side Saddle Release “Evergreen Magic” Holiday Single

Side Saddle ring in the holiday season with the brand new original single “Evergreen Magic”. Helmed by Ian McGuinness, the song reflects on his childhood memories of finding the family Christmas tree each year with his dad at a local tree farm in Yorktown Heights, NY. The new song is being released in tandem with a one off brew sharing the same name from Side Saddle’s friends at Long Island, NY based Blue Point Brewing Co. The Evergreen Magic beer is a New England Style DIPA with Spruce Tips, and can be found in stores on Long Island, in NYC, the Blue Point Brewpub and shipped anywhere in NY as a 4-pack.

“I’m a big Christmas Tree guy,” explains McGuinness, “I grew up going to a place called ‘Wilkins Fruit and Fir Farm’ in Yorktown Heights, NY. I didn’t grow up with many family traditions but the one my Dad and I both loved the most was going to the farm and cutting down our own Christmas Tree. He was off on Mondays so we would go the first Monday in December, my sister, my mom, my dad, and I. We would bring our own bow saw, jump on the hay wagon and ride out until we got lost in the evergreens, jump off and start looking for ‘the tree.’ The family joke was that we always picked one that was too big and would never cut enough off of the bottom, so the top of the tree would always scratch the ceiling leaving a mark on the ceiling. For whatever reason, we never painted over the previous years’ line’s from Christmas Trees of years passed. It was sort of like a tally of how many years we’d kept the tradition.