Sea Lemon Shares Single “Fortune Teller”

Today, Seattle-based bedroom pop artist Sea Lemon (Natalie Lew) shares her second single, “Fortune Teller”, a track off of her upcoming 2022 debut EP. The song is a bright and shiny janglepop tribute to the honeymoon phase of a relationship, and how scary and vulnerable it can be to let another person know early on how much you care for them.

“When I was writing Fortune Teller, I wanted to convey the fear of vulnerability mixed with the intense care and passion towards someone you’re falling in love with. The opening line “How’d you like to see where I grew up?” is a question that holds deep significance, but is asked in such a casual way—like, oh, would you be cool with seeing my innermost self? No? Oh, okay. No worries! The fear of losing someone at that stage can make you too afraid to show how you really feel, but the song bursts into the chorus ending in “You’re right where I wanna be,” where it’s all about finally putting it all on the line and laying it all out there. It was sonically heavily inspired by artists like The Cure and Melody’s Echo Chamber; artists that I turn to when my desire is conveying an intensely bittersweet emotion,” Lew says about the track.