AM Higgins Shares “Who Can Say?” Music Video

Today, AM Higgins (the solo project of musician Annie Toth) shares a music video for “Who Can Say?,” a single off her debut album, Hymning, out via Victorialand Records.

Hymning, Toth’s debut album under the moniker AM Higgins, captures her first years of moving from an American city to rural France; the first mystical years of leaving everything you know to find something new; the first years of slowing down your life to give way to the sounds that surround you. Accompanied by Jason Toth (The Handsome Family, Daniel Knox) on drums, Joshua Dumas (Mending) on electronics, and mixing and additional instruments by Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens, the Shins, Gabriel Kahane, Damien Jurado).

The album began as an attempt to write modern-day hymns. But the resulting 8 songs are better understood as vocalizations of meditative moments of reflection, ushering the listener into an inexplicable feeling of coming home. Living in a rural landscape changed the rhythm of her life in very unexpected ways. The surrounding forests and hills began beckoning her to listen … the mystery of the seasons (“Ode”), the divine provision for creation (“Anchors”), and the sadness even while surrounded by so much beauty (“All The Stars Are Out”). Her lyrics draw inspiration from mystical poets like Thomas Merton and Mary Oliver who explore the rich mysteries of the inner landscape.