Tambino Shares New Single “NY Daze”

To close out the year, Tambino is sharing a new offering from his forthcoming EP. His new single, “NY Daze”, is the only track written solely in English on the project and juxtaposes two of his formative musical loves, with shoegaze guitars meeting booming 808s in a cinematic love letter to New York City that captures its essence. The track unveils another layer of the different threads of genre that inform his developing sonic invention ‘cumbiagaze,’ building atop the Latin sounds from previously released singles “Deseo” and lead single “Estos Dias”.

Sin Miedo, which translates to “without fear” and embodies Tambino’s genre-agnostic approach to his music, follows his eponymous debut EP released last year. His debut introduced his signature ‘cumbiagaze’ sound, which he discussed with Office Magazine while quarantined in Bogotá and included standout tracks like “El Amanecer” and “Blonde Undone,” which was named one of the top Peruvian songs of the year by notable Peruvian indie outlet Rockachorao.