Tucker Beathard Releases Timely New Track “Prayin’ For You”

Warner Music Nashville’s Tucker Beathard showcases another layer of his lyrical depth with the release of “Prayin’ For You” today. Written just a few weeks ago by Beathard, HARDY, Zach Abend and Nick Donley, the new track shares a timely perspective on the impact of current events and showing compassion for others. Released in its stripped-down form as it was initially written and recorded as a demo, fans can listen to Beathard’s new aching guitar-driven song, “Prayin’ For You”.

“We wrote this song a couple weeks ago and in these crazy times we’re living in…it’s been weighing heavy on my heart,” Beathard said. “As an artist and a songwriter I feel like it’s important to share my message with anyone who wants to hear it and it felt important to get this song out immediately. I think fans are going to resonate with this one.”