Art d’Ecco Shares “Good Looks”

Today, Art d’Ecco shares the music video for his single, “Good Looks,” off his recently released record, In Standard Definition.

“I was thinking of how the analogue way of dating — ‘I’ll introduce you to my friend, I think you’ll like each other!’—or how certain ways of engaging in entertainment need not apply in the future. We’ve got technology that we can offload all of those things to — like, I can see whatever I want, whenever I want, and if I want to go on a date with someone who’s got black hair and brown eyes and is 5’10, I can find that in this little app. And I just feel that you’re leaving so much of the human experience on the table when you do that. I find the whole modern way of dating and meeting people to be a bit vapid and superficial, so I wanted to take a shot at that,” Art says speaking of the video.