Beverlyn Glenn-Copeland Releases ‘Keyboard Fantasies Remixed’

Today, Beverly Glenn-Copeland releases Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined, a multi-artist reinterpretation of his seminal 1986 work. Keyboard Fantasies was also released earlier this year, marking its 35th anniversary. Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined is a collection of songs re-worked and re-imagined by a group of creative kindred spirits. The album features works by Bon Iver, Flock Of Dimes, Julia Holter, Arca, Kelsey Lu, Blood Orange, Joseph Shabason and Thom Gill, Jeremy Dutcher and Ana Roxanne. The LP version of the album will be released February 25th, 2022. Throughout the last few months, Transgressive has released the majority of these works but today Julia Holter’s radical interpretation of “Winter Astral,” transformed into a new piece called “Fastest Star,” becomes available.

When I first heard Beverly Glenn-Copeland’s music, I remember a physical sensation of melting—melting into the swirling, kinetic, rich synth sound world he had made. I felt some kind of sense of relief and relax—catharsis?—not to be cheesy, but it was a physical reaction to the sounds. In this music, there’s a healing equilibrium— a buzzing warmth, something electrical that transfers out from the sounds into the body. I have a physical response a lot with music, but here it felt distinct, there was a kind of balance and clarity to it. In “Keyboard Fantasies”, there are a variety of bell sounds with firm attacks that can mark time, in contrast to the warm basses solidifying the harmonies underneath and in counterpoint with the synth leads and horns articulating the gentle melodies, and the dancing, hissing pulses of the drum machine. I almost have this visual in my head while listening that he’s conducting it all, and over all of this, his warm, soaring voice appears every now and then, checking in on us,” says Julia Holter on “Fastest Star”.

“Working on the remix to “Winter Astral” ended up being, predictably, cathartic, during an isolating and complicated time for me in the pre-vaccine pandemic. I imagine the atmosphere of last year made the physical experience of listening to Glenn’s music even more potent. I didn’t know at first what to do, because there was a clarity and timbral balance already there and so well-blended in the piece. I think I just spent some time absorbing the loving energy he had transferred into the music, and felt my way through it.