Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone” Featured in 2022 Tournament of Roses Parade

Kenny Loggins, one of pop music’s greatest and most enduring hitmakers, will float into 2022 with The City of South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Float – entitled “Sky’s the Limit” – using his iconic Top Gun soundtrack smash hit “Danger Zone” as its theme music for the Parade float on New Year’s Day.

The City of South Pasadena’s 2022 Parade entry depicts the dreams of flight for a group of lively ostriches. Theodore has strapped on a jet-pack, climbed to the top of the mountain and lept off, convinced that he can fly. He is being cheered on by a cast of characters: Ollie Ostrich is waving a “You Can Do It” Sign, Gwendolyn Ostrich is snapping a picture to capture the achievement, Gidget Ostrich is enjoying a picnic and Carl Ostrich can’t bear to watch so he has buried his head in the sand. Crash the Raccoon is lighting the way while Burn the Raccoon and Bert the Bunny are holding a safety net – just in case. In an exuberant and inspiring way, the float illustrates that anything is possible when you dare to “Dream, Believe & Achieve.”

“I’m honored that the City of South Pasadena chose to use ‘Danger Zone’ for their float,” says Loggins. “Because of the movie Top Gun, the song’s become an iconic tune that’s recognized by so many generations. I’m looking forward to seeing the song paired up with such a creative float this year.”