Chris Haddox Releases Long-Awaited Self-Titled Debut Album

Somewhere in that storied musical intersection where folk meets bluegrass and country finds blues, singer-songwriter Chris Haddox nurtures his muse. Haddox, a university professor, former Habitat for Humanity executive director, and amateur musicologist, writes and sings songs that feel like longtime friends. His penchant for lyrical honesty and instrumental clarity makes him an Americana talent to watch.

His self-titled debut album, to be released physically and digitally March 25, 2022, promises to instantly cement his name as a promising rising star in the Americana genre. Recorded at five different studios in West Virginia, Chris Haddox is the welcomed work of an artist already fully formed.

“This album captures decades worth of my musings on lived experiences, from the most personal to the most societal,” says Haddox. “The stories told in these songs read like parts of a book on the act of living. There is hope, love, determination, history, sadness, anger, reflection, redemption, and a good dose of humor. I honestly believe, and listeners continue to tell me, that there is something in here for darn near everyone.”