Sofi Vonn Releases Her Debut EP ‘That Was A Close Call’

London based New York born electronic pop singer-songwriter Sofi Vonn recently released her debut EP That Was A Close Call on December 17th.

When asked about the recent release of her debut EP Sofi said, “I’m so excited to finally release my first EP. I was in the same headspace when writing all of these songs (other than “Next To Me”, which was for a project for my current course at Goldsmiths University). I decided to call it THAT WAS A CLOSE CALL because not only is it a lyric from ‘Stranger,’ but it also represents the closing of a chapter in my life. The photo also conveniently had me pretending to be on a call. So much has changed for me in the last year in terms of my career. I’m excited for this EP to be out in the world so that I can keep making music but with a different mindset.”