Heather Sommer Shares New Single “Chameleon” 

Heather Sommer has just released her latest single, “Chameleon,” out now via Repost, SoundCloud’s artist services division. Her lyrics touch on the trials and tribulations that come along with finding a voice and building self-confidence as a 20-something caught between the societal expectations and cultural borders of the Millennial and Gen Z generations. “Chameleon” is from the singer, songwriter, artist, producer and visual artist’s upcoming second EP, One Size Fits All, due later this year.

“After having experienced years of rejection both in business and life, self-doubt, and struggles with self-confidence, I’ve been able to overcome these setbacks and become a stronger, more confident version of myself,” notes Sommer about “Chameleon.”  “Owning that change and taking your power back despite what anyone else says to you or about you is what this song is all about.”