Sunset Radio’s ‘Youth Roots” Out January 21st

Currently working on new songs, italian pop-punk act Sunset Radio is back with Youth Roots, a new cover EP of six tracks out on January 21st. No Use For A Name, The Ataris, NoFx, Yellowcard, Lagwagon and Blink 182, names that have influenced the style of the band, as explained by the band: “The songs with which we grown up, where we drawn inspiration. Songs that were to form the band’s artistic and emotional background. A new EP with exceptional featuring, from Brian – Vanilla Sky, to Fabrizio – Melody Fall, to canadian Etienne – drummer of Mute -, Hans – F.O.D., Lorenzo & Federico – Beerbong – and l=Dario voice of The Anthem. A small tribute both to the historical bands, both to all the bands of the italian and non-italian punk-rock / pop-punk scene, which inspired us. A previously produced work, which advances the release of the first single of our third album, expected for April”.