Raveena Shares New Single

Raveena returns today to share the new single “Rush,” her first release with Warner Records. The upbeat single is a layered track introducing listeners to a new sonic world from Raveena inspired by Indian drums and 80s Bollywood soundtracks juxtaposed with modern R&B and hip hop. “Rush” was conceived by Raveena back in 2017 after experiencing a psychedelic acid trip while visiting an Eastern sound installation at the Rubin Museum. Raveena co-directed the accompanying visual with Munachi Osegbu. The video features Raveena dancing in a technicolor space with iridescent figures, floating in crystal clear water and swaying in lush greenery while wearing traditional Indian-inspired clothing.

Raveena shares the meaning behind “Rush”: “I wrote ‘Rush’ a couple years back and the song was the genesis of me exploring a more intense marriage between Bollywood sounds and the pop/R&B music that I grew up on in America. The song and video are centered around a character I created named Asha, a Punjabi space princess who is transported to a distant planet and learns highly advanced spiritual intelligence from the beings that live there. In the video that I co-directed with Munachi, I wanted to create a campy ode to the colorful 80’s Bollywood movies and 70’s Western sci fi movies that I’m obsessed with, complete with a choreographed dance sequence alongside Asha’s alien friends.”